Teaching Staff

Scott Provens (B.S. TESOL)

Scott Provens has been teaching in Singapore for almost 5 years now. He has learned that teaching is more like an art rather than a science. Scott likes to inspire students in many ways including sharing short stories that have a profound impact on success. Scott’s favourite quote comes from Babe Ruth, a famous baseball player, “It's hard to beat a person who never gives up."

Lauren Jones (B.A. CELTA)

Lauren is originally from Cambridgeshire, England. She comes to Singapore from Vietnam, where she taught in both international and English language school settings to a range of ages from 18 months to 16 years. Her students would describe her as caring, encouraging, fun and focused. She takes an active interest in her student’s needs and passions and strives to provide innovative and engaging lessons.

Kathryn Williams (B.Ed, Dip.Tchg)
Academic Director

Kathryn is a very experienced teacher who comes to Singapore from Auckland, New Zealand. Not only has she spent many years teaching students of all levels from pre-school to secondary, but as Director of the Gifted Education Centre, developed high levels in teaching more capable students. As a result, she maintains high expectations for all students and they respond well to this.

Laurence Cruickshank (B.Sc, CELTA)

Laurence comes to MAE with three years experience providing English enrichment to students in Singapore. Laurence strives to make his lessons enjoyable. Laurence has a calm and patient teaching style, which he believes is essential for an effective learning environment. Laurence looks forward to helping your child improve their English!

Robert Weaver (B.A, CELTA)

Rob comes to MAE from London, England. He has spent the last 2 years teaching in Singapore, having had prior ESL experience in South Korea and  Thailand.   He  joins  the  company  with  existing  knowledge  of  the  Singaporean education system as well as teaching English as  a foreign language. Rob always  aims  to make his lessons enjoyable for his students and inspire them with confidence in the tasks they find most challenging.

Kim Pink (Dip Tchg)

Kim comes to MAE from Australia, with her husband Syd. She has vast teaching experience from pre-school to secondary level and has been most recently filling an assistant principal role. Kim cultivates clear expectations from her students by using a caring approach; she has the ability to gain high work output from students by making the lessons motivating and effective and at the same time caters well for individual needs

Sydney Pink (B.Ed, Dip.Tchg)

Sydney comes to MAE from Australia, with his wife Kim. He brings with him 35 years of teaching experience from 3-yr-old to 18-yr-old students. Sydney has a very genial nature and this enables him to develop a strong, positive rapport with the students; combined with his extensive curriculum knowledge, this will enable him to be very effective in facilitating English improvement here in Singapore.