We provide a complete English programme for children from Nursery to GCE ‘O’ Level to help them to learn English in an effective and competent way. Our centres are open five days a week. Each session lasts 1½ or two hours and our students attend classes once a week.

"The most valuable things a child can do are listen and talk."

Programme Structure

The complete English programme consists of four major areas:



By listening to interesting stories and videos children learn how to perform well in aural discrimination, listening comprehension and following directions. “Through listening comprehension, we encourage children to listen actively while monitoring their observation skills.”



No boring and outdated textbooks are used at our centres. Instead we utilise exciting and contemporary reading material to stimulate the children’s interest in reading and supplement their general knowledge.



Students learn the tools needed to write creatively as well as to construct interesting and thought-provoking compositions. They are also taught the fundamentals of summary writing.



The native-speaking teacher engages the students in regular discussion and rapidly builds both their confidence and skills in oral English language. Immersion in a total English-speaking environment greatly enhances speaking skills.


All About Learning English

Some commonly asked questions regarding learning English such as why you should be concerned, and why ordinary tuition and assessment books don’t work.


The English Language
Why should you be concerned?

English is a core subject therefore your children will have to pass to qualify for a place in a good secondary school, junior college or University. Also for many students, learning English may be difficult, frustrating and boring.

Ordinary Tuition and Assessment Books
Why don’t they work?

Ironically, a National University of Singapore study confirmed that conventional forms of learning English such as tuition and assessment books may lead to lower grades, less motivation, more boredom, frustration and careless mistakes. This is because English cannot be studied like other subjects. To learn a language effectively, students need to learn in an interactive way where there is spoken communication between them and an accurate speaker of the language. “We encourage children to talk and share ideas during their lessons.”

Learning English
The Morris Allen Method

Our interactive approach helps to make learning English enjoyable and effective. This method has achieved impressive results on thousands of students in Singapore. Students have experienced greater motivation and enthusiasm to learn. They have gained confidence in learning and achieved better overall grades. “Children are given lots of stimulus and creative input to help them improve their language skills.”